Lawn Construction & Landscape Maintenance

Using a range of modern landscaping equipment we can create your perfect lawn. We operate a range of modern Blec equipment which includes stoneburiers, stonerakes and cultipack seeders. With this equipment we can prepare a perfect seedbed. We only use certified lawn seed mixtures and can vary grass types to suit individual requirements. Please browse through the pictures in our gallery for completed gardens. Whether it is a new build with a new lawn or the reseeding an old lawn we can provide you with a lawn to the highest standard. If drainage is a problem we can also provide a solution. Using excavators equipped with landscape rakes we can shape & grade your lawn to your requirements prior to final preparation. We can also provide good quality topsoil if required.

landscaping services landscaping services landscaping services

We also offer a maintenance programme for your new lawn or existing lawn to keep it in excellent condition. This includes the application of organic, slow release fertilisers, selective weed killing, aerating and scarifying. We can also offer a grass cutting service through partner landscape maintenance contractors.

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